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Tackling IT Challenges Present in Mergers & Acquisitions
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When legal firms merge, a great opportunity can also provide a myriad of IT challenges. How do we overcome them?

Mergers and acquisitions are a part of life within the legal industry, and offer firms the opportunity to further their services and expand their horizons. Unfortunately, assimilating another organisation can bring with it a whole host of IT-based challenges which must be addressed to ensure a smooth transitioning period.

Identity & Access Management

From implementing single sign-on for tighter and more consistent security, to providing password self-service, Identity and Access Management (IAM) keeps user identities in check and relieves pressure on the IT department during the transitionary period.


Data Protection

With a merger comes the inevitable bringing together of many different data sets, each with differing sensitivity. Clarifying and classifying this data is a priority, ensuring the new era begins securely.


Access Governance

Mergers and acquisitions raise challenges around individuals, and the access they have to information. Properly managing access governance can ensure that firms can remain compliance and newly acquired data – and the individuals who have access to that data – are managed properly.

Managing Joiners/Movers/Leavers

The joiner/mover/leaver process is an ideal starting point for automation, post-acquisition/merger. Automating the process ensures that everybody has the right access to the right information from day one.



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