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Improving the Adoption of New Tech
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The idea of adopting new technology is exciting, and legal firms are rightly enthusiastic. But how can they ensure successful adoption?

The journey to adopting new technology is not always a smooth one. To improve adoption and ensure success, legal firms need to be enthusiastic, on-board, and willing to go the extra mile. The following can help:

Identity & Access Management

Serving as the foundations upon which new technologies and innovations can be built, Identity and Access Management (IAM) serves as a readiness tool for legal firms. By assuring trust and protecting user identities, IAM gives firms a steady head start as they implement further solutions.

Single Sign-On

Bringing together user credentials, single sign-on (SSO) allows firms to better prepare for a life on the cloud. Through proxies, SSO puts every on-premises app at your employees’ fingertips.


Managing Joiners, Movers, and Leavers

Automating the joiner/mover/leaver (JML) process relieves some of the pressure placed on IT and HR teams on a daily basis. Not only does this allow them to focus on adopting new tech and bringing the team on board, but it also ensures a smooth, secure transition.

Customer Identity & Access Management

Many new innovations demand collaboration and connectivity. By managing customer identities and their access to information, firms can deliver on both whilst creating a borderless business.



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