Joiner, Mover, Leaver

Keep up with new, old and changing users
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You need new-starters to have their accounts ready and waiting. You need to increase access for promoted employees sooner rather than later. You need to protect the privileged data kept in old accounts from former employees.

Issues like these are part of the Joiners, Movers and Leavers (JML) process.

It’s a familiar process within identity management that is often harder to keep up with than we think. There are hurdles to jump over and hoops to jump through.

Relying on teams to co-operate

It takes a lot of co-operation between IT, HR and Managers to keep the JML process running. And let’s face it – some people aren’t as co-operative as we like to be. Granting user access often involves filling forms, negotiating with colleagues, chasing people up, reminding people who forget etc.

The process could be a lot slicker.

Sure, you could say it’s a communications issue. But it’s also a technical issue too.

There’s a much easier option.

A Little Automation Goes A Long Way

Many problems with the JML process stem from organisations still doing things manually. It means that as well as wasting resource time, it’s also increasing the chances for human error and weakens your overall security.

For example, you have an employee who leaves. Over the years, they’ve accumulated access to a lot of systems. And you’ll hope that HR and IT have kept track of this. But it takes time for someone to manually deactivate all of these. Maybe something gets missed and an account remains open. An open account with privileged access could be exploited by hackers or even the former employee.

Sure, you could set reminders for the task. Or you could cut out the task completely by automating the process with an identity management system.

By automating your Joiner, Mover, Leaver process you’ll stop wasting time with manual processes and increase your access security.

Setting Automated Workflows, Job Roles and Business Rules

With identity management technologies like Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Azure Active Directory you can solve a lot of these regular problems.

You can welcome joining employees with everything they need thanks to automated user provisioning. You can provide moving employees with different access rights based on their job role or department. And you prevent leaving employees accumulating access rights by setting up strict business rules.

But that’s just some of what you can do. With our help you can configure these technologies to work with what your organisation needs.

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