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Over the years, IT Infrastructures have become more and more complicated. Gone are the days where you only had on-premises desktops, systems and servers. Now, organisations are combining on-premises infrastructure with a hybrid of cloud and mobile technologies – virtual platforms, online apps, laptops, mobile phones.

It’s challenging to keep these protected, let alone ensuring they’re running smoothly.

Get multi-layered control and security by focusing on Identity Management

Connecting users to the right systems and applications in your network doesn’t happen magically or automatically. Someone (HR professional or a department manager) needs to grant permission, then someone (an IT professional) needs to create the user an account and password – for all systems that the user needs.

It means you end up with proliferation of ‘identities’ for one user.

A simple solution for complex problems

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have a clever IT professional who’s patched together a homegrown solution, which saves a little time. But there will still be problems, like limited visibility over all systems and applications.

That’s when you need a fully-fledged identity management system to do all of that for you.

Identity solutions developed by an experienced tech brand

There are now many identity management technologies out there that help you to provide one protected common identity to a user so they can have secure access to the corporate resources they need.

But why reinvent the wheel with a new technology by a new tech player, when you can use one developed by a trusted tech company. As well as providing many organisations with their day-to-day tools, Microsoft have developed multiple identity management technologies to suit different organisation needs.

Implemented, configured and fine-tuned by Identity Experts

Rather than developing our own identity management systems, we’ve worked hard to become experts in Microsoft technologies. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner – one of the few companies in the UK able to do this kind of work.

So you can protect your data from new, ever-evolving cyber security attacks with these innovative technologies that work with your current systems on-premises .

Configuring and deploying these can be complex and time consuming, especially if approached in the wrong way. This is why we exist: to do things the right way, and to do things your way. We have long-standing and in-depth experience and expertise in how to design, deploy and support Microsoft identity management technologies.

The configuration and deployment of these services can be complex and time consuming, if not approached in the right way. This is where Identity Experts can help. We can help with:

  • Initial planning and discovery
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • On-going support

Our success and customer loyalty are achieved through the use of leading practices and modular designs, increasing return on investment and introducing new business efficiencies.

We will ensure that your investment in identity management performs as expected and gives you the returns that you’ve been waiting for. We don’t sell licenses, only our expertise and experience.

To find out more about how our Microsoft identity management software can help your organisation, please contact us.

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