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There are more threats to security than ever: hackers exploit human error, employees share unprotected data and new laws make compliance hard.

Securing your applications, data and network has never been more difficult. The problems include:

  • Organisations are having to protect more applications – both on-premises and in the cloud – creating more complications and security risks.
  • Employees are suffering from ‘password fatigue’, even while following company password policies. To counteract this, they’re conducting in bad password practices e.g. sharing passwords in emails or leaving sticky note reminders.
  • Network set-ups are harder to track and therefore cyber-attacks becoming harder to detect and predict.

But there are advanced and intelligent technologies to help such as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security which comes with many features and many great benefits.

However, deployment can be complex and time consuming, especially if not approached in the right way.

This is where Identity Experts can help.

Increased protection and control with Cloud App Security

Get threat protection, increase control and extend visibility over all your cloud applications, all from within your identity management solution, with Cloud App Security.

  • App Discovery – see all your cloud apps in your network in one place. Even see into Shadow IT and assess risk (no agents required).
  • Data control – shape your cloud environment with granular controls and use out-of-the-box or custom policies for data sharing and data loss prevention.
  • Threat protection – pinpoint high-risk usage and cloud security issues by detecting abnormal behaviour and prevent threats.

Provide greater controls with Azure Active Directory Premium

Get enterprise class functionality to protect access to applications and data with Azure Active Directory:

  • Single sign-on – speed up logging on for staff and increase overall application security with a robust single sign-on capability.
  • Multi-factor authentication – enable easy setup for additional verification e.g, via phone app, text etc
  • Self-service password reset – let employees reset forgotten passwords, just like with any website you use personally. No need to discuss passwords over phone or email, and it gives your IT helpdesk a break too.
  • Synchronising identities – synchronise user identities between your different systems whether they’re new or need removing.
  • Conditional Access – limiting access to your data by predefined policies through Azure Information Protection, which allows you to classify, label and protect documents and emails.

Prevent and protect with Advanced Threat Analytics

Get the edge over sophisticated cyberattacks and prevent confidential user credentials being compromised with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics:

  • A simple and fast way to understand what is happening and deliver secure network protection.
  • Built in intelligence helps to identify suspicious user and device activity.
  • Provides clear and relevant threat information on a simple attack timeline.
  • Detect advanced attacks in almost real-time by combining information from additional data sources.

However, the configuration and deployment of all of these software can be complex and time-consuming, if not approached in the right way. This is where Identity Experts can help.

We will ensure that your investment in this performs as expected and gives you the protection and returns you anticipated. We don’t sell licenses, only our expertise and experience.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have long-standing and in-depth experience and expertise in how to design, deploy and support Microsoft ATA solutions for secure network protection.

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