Introducing Our MIM Training Courses

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is becoming increasingly popular in organisations like yours.

The journey to better identity management doesn’t finish at implementation. That’s why we’ve cultivated three thorough, yet easy-to-follow training courses, tailored to our customers’ different levels of understanding. Now you can strengthen your grasp on Microsoft Identity Manager, regardless of previous knowledge.


Our one-day introductory course invites individuals in non-technical roles to learn about Microsoft Identity Manager and its benefits. We’ll be covering identity principles and a high-level view of MIM to enable attendees to report back at a pre-project stage.



In our three-day foundational course, attendees will be guided through an educational and engaging programme of study. Attendees will build confidence with MIM and improve their understanding of the technical aspects behind how Microsoft Identity Manager can be utilised for their organisation.
Check out our foundation modules.


10th-12th September 2019 – London

16th-18th October 2019 – Manchester

12th – 14th November 2019 – London

19th-21st November 2019 – Manchester


Taking a more technical approach, our two-day course for advanced learners will build upon their pre-existing knowledge. The Advanced course will help attendees to tap into additional MIM features to maximise the impact the solution can have on their organisation.
Check out our advanced modules.

24th-25th September 2019 – Manchester

8th – 9th October 2019 – London

3rd-4th December 2019 – Manchester

10th – 11th December 2019  – London


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