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SailPoint develop a range of identity governance and cloud computing technologies known for their powerful suite of controls and features.

As experienced consultants, we specialise in a range of SailPoint tools including its Open Identity Platform. Many will recognise this high-tech piece of software for its incredibly effective capabilities in mitigating, identifying and containing security breaches.

We can even deploy SailPoint in harmony with Microsoft technologies. It means some organisations can add more capabilities to Azure Active Directory and increase its security with enhanced controls.

Understanding SailPoint’s Open Identity Platform

As identity has always been central to our business, we were very keen to sign up to SailPoint’s partner program so that we could support our customers with their Open Identity platform.

The idea behind the platform is to allow organisations to integrate disparate security and infrastructure components to make them identity aware, so that breaches can be better mitigated, identified and contained. This is important as it is reckoned that most attackers now reside on a network for an average of 8 months before they are detected. So, prevention, as well as faster identification will improve your security.

A new approach to security is needed

Over the last decade the IT environment you are trying to protect has changed radically. Firstly, your users are no longer just internal, full-time, on-premises employees. They also include partners, customers and remote users. Similarly, the old on-premises client/server model has been enhanced with the cloud and the introduction of mobile devices.

All of which greatly increases the difficulty in protecting your data by focussing purely on the perimeter, as has been the case in the past. It has been calculated that 2 out of 3 breaches are now from insider access, so the need for a new security approach is paramount.

Open Identity platform

This is where the SailPoint Open Identity management platform comes in. By putting identity first and embracing user-centric security it helps to diminish the risk of data breaches. One of the first applications of this was around the single-sign on process to deliver identity governance to Microsoft Azure Active Directory users.

Now, organisations are reaping the benefits of using Microsoft Azure Active Directory to streamline delivery of access to any application with the full confidence of SailPoint’s market-leading identity governance to ensure that access is delivered securely and confidently across all applications.

SailPoint’s identity governance platform extends the value of Azure Active Directory by ensuring access is granted and maintained according to established business policy throughout the life cycle of each user within the organisation.

To find out more about how SailPoint’s Open Identity Platform can help secure your Active Directory implementation and put identity at the centre of your security plans, please contact us.

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