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Mandarine Academy is an adaptable training platform, supporting digital transformation by simplifying the handling and use of new technologies for all staff.


Their Massive Open Online Courses are the perfect tools to help users navigate and use Microsoft Office 365. Mandarine Academy offer video tutorials, gamification, a social platform where users can communicate with each other and share progress, as well as dedicated human support from Prosci certified consultants.

Utilising the latest AI technology, Mandarine can analyse the needs of each trainee to offer training adapted to each user profile; offering a truly bespoke experience that allows users to learn in the way that suits them best. They are able to assist users wherever they are due to their multi-site and multi-language user support in order to facilitate the global adoption of your solutions.

Mandarine is a leading EdTech company that has already supported over 3000 companies and have trained over 1.5 million users. Their platforms are constantly updating as Office 365 changes, keeping you and your employees informed and up to date. With their easy to use products and cost effective solutions, Mandarine Academy is the key you need to facilitate the digital transformation of your business.

To find out more about how Mandarine’s training platform can support your digital transformation, please contact a member of our dedicated team.

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