Fast, effective and versatile support solutions to suit your needs

Support is something you don’t worry about it until you need it, so it helps to have a quick, stress-free support option you can rely on.

Please note: we’re currently updating our support options – watch this space for updates!

Reliable Service – Our 4 Hour First Response Promise

Fortunately, our Microsoft certified technicians are on hand to help when you need it.

Whatever support option you choose, there’s always the same promise – a consistent service with a 4 hour first response.

Some periods are busier than others, but we guarantee – within 4 hours – we’ll be there for you.

We Solve Problems So They Don’t Happen Again

We’re there to fix the problem and do what we can to ensure it doesn’t come crawling back. So, when you call – we listen, we ask questions and then we get to work. And we don’t stop until it’s solved.

We’ll then report back with a brief overview of the fix, so you’ll understand the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ to make sure you can prevent it happening again.

The Right Solution to Your Unique Problem

By calling on our extensive knowledge you can get a clearer and more realistic idea of the process. And because we’ve helped you at the implementation stage, we can utilise our previous knowledge of your infrastructure and set-up to ensure you get the right solution to your unique problem.

Support That Covers Your Identity Management Technologies

Our support options benefits include:

  • Full service support for Microsoft Identity Manager
  • A 4 Hour First Response Promise
  • Remote support to guide you through the problems
  • Helpdesk by phone or email – fully provided within business hours
  • A high-quality service that’s designed around your needs
  • All delivered by our Microsoft certified consultants

Support Options

No minimum commitment. No large upfront fees. Just a simple, monthly rolling support contract.

Get the help you need, when you need it most.

Support Hours – just enough to help

Base cover which provides you with only 2 hours of support time each month. Just enough to help solve any occasional issues. If you need more, it’s easy to buy additional hours.

Unlimited Support – our most popular option

Help without limits. Log as many tickets as you need, and we’ll work with you until they’re resolved. It’s our most popular option because it offers the most peace of mind.

Managed Service – bonus benefits and ultimate control

This includes all the above and…

  • 16 Enhanced Support Hours per year – to solve those really, really tough issues
  • Daily Monitoring – we’ll alert you of any problems thanks to our robust daily checks
  • Cloud Activity Monitor (CAM) Installation – we’ve developed a single dashboard to monitor all your identity and security environments. All in real time. If you purchase CAM, we’ll throw in the installation process with this package for free.
Frequently asked questions about our support system
What are our Business Hours?

Support is available during our working hours between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays. 

What are Enhanced Support Hours?

Enhanced Support Hours (ESH) are one hour blocks of support time, used to resolve client issues. ESH expire at the end of the annual contract term and can only be used during working hours. Additional ESH can be purchased if required. 

What’s CAM?

Cloud Activity Monitor (CAM) provides organisations with a single dashboard where they can monitor their identity and security environments in real time. CAM may be purchased at additional cost for support customers. 

Only the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) module is included as part of the managed service. Other modules will require a full licence

What is Daily Monitoring?

Our daily monitoring involves our support team staying on top of everything for you on a day to day basis. They will alert you of any issues across your identity management solution. 

Our Consultancy Approach

While every project we deliver is different, the approach we take stems from the same three steps.

Arrange a Workshop
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First, we’ll sit down with you to understand your problem and specific requirements.

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After learning your requirements we’ll develop a high-level design that sits well with your infrastructure.

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This is our favourite part of the process, where we get into the nitty-gritty of configuring your system to work perfectly.

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