A single dashboard for all your Identity and Security apps
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Seymour offers organisations a single dashboard to monitor their Identity and Security applications.  

Utilising Microsoft’s cloud based Business Intelligence service and Secure Analytics, you can view detailed information on your security and identity applications both on-premises and in the cloud. Seymour will alert you to urgent issues and threats and gives you better way to control things.  

Seymour will keep track of all these applications:  

  • Microsoft Identity Manager 
  • AAD Connect 
  • Office Secure Score 
  • Advanced Threat Analytics 
  • Cloud App Security 

And as we develop this tool it will also include these: 

  • Azure Information Protection (coming soon) 
  • Advanced Threat Protection (coming soon) 
  • Intune (coming soon) 
  • Azure Consumption (coming soon) 
  • GDPR Compliance (coming soon) 

Your organisation can purchase our tool to monitor the services internally, or you can opt for a managed service, allowing Identity Experts to monitor the services and proactively resolve issues. 

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