Microsoft Identity Manager

Tie it all together with Microsoft Identity Manager
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Microsoft Identity Manager – or MIM – is one of the world’s leading identity management technologies.

Designed to manage your on-premises and SaaS directories, databases and applications, MIM helps organisations tie everything together.  

MIM helps you to synchronise

Microsoft Identity Manager connects your pre-existing systems together. It spots irregularities and anomalies with your digital identities and gives you the capabilities to automate updates to records, ensuring your data is accurate throughout the organisation.

MIM helps you to increase security

You can increase your security and thwart identity theft with the capabilities to assign access levels to different people via roles and policies. You can also  manage your privileged domain accounts by assigning only temporary access to reduce the risk of compromise.

MIM helps you to simplify your identity management

Simplify how you manage all your identities with helpful features like self-service password reset, group self-service and much more.   

How can Identity Experts help?

We live and breathe identity management. Our consultation process has helped many clients through implementation, design, configuration, training and support. We help businesses of any size, but typically with a user base in the tens of thousands, and have worked with organisations in all sectors – from Education and Government, to Law. 

Maybe MIM seems a little familiar

It’s possible your organisation already has Forefront Identity Manager (FIM). If so then you’re probably not far from needing a MIM upgrade, which includes a whole host of additional features and security benefits.  

A few people we've already done it for