Has your OneDrive Mapper Stopped Working? Here’s Why

Posted on 1 April 2017

Let’s skip the pleasantries and just dive straight in; a little while ago Microsoft launched a “new sign-in experience” which you may have read about on the sign-in screen.  Jump forward to last week and Microsoft made this the only way to authenticate within Office 365, so if you’re using a mapper product that hasn’t been updated in line with this change from Microsoft, then you may find it to not be working.

So, What Can You Do?

In our completely biased opinion, we recommend switching to 365mapper as we have already worked around this issue for our customers. It’s also a highly effective and reliable system which makes life simpler for you and your team. Not only is it a useful addition to your IT setup, it’s a really cost-effective way to manage your storage effectively.

How Does 365Mapper Work?

  • It’s installed remotely causing no disruption to your business
  • It allows you to map cloud storage to local drives
  • It’s used by countless users across the globe

To get the full rundown, click here  or to sign up for a 15-day free trial you can click here

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