Good news for Microsoft Azure Active Directory users

Posted on 14 June 2017

You may have missed the announcement, a few months back, that Microsoft and SailPoint are to collaborate to provide identity governance to Microsoft Azure Active directory (AD) customers.

As a Microsoft Azure AD user you may be wondering what does this mean for you? Well, in case you were unsure what identity governance is we have outlined below what is should mean to you and why it is good news.

Gartner defines identity governance and administration (IGA) tools as those that ‘manage digital identity and access rights across multiple systems.’ To do this they ‘aggregate and correlate disparate identity and access rights data that is distributed throughout the IT landscape to enhance control over user access.’

SailPoint: market leader in identity governance and administration

The good news is that, according to Gartner, SailPoint is the market leader in IGA. The new collaboration will add identity governance capabilities to Azure AD’s unique access management and identity protection services. This includes:

  • Access certifications
  • Access requests
  • Separation-of-duty policy
  • Role management
  • Audit reporting

The combination of services will cover the compliance, enhanced security and identity management needs of modern organisations in demanding industries such as healthcare and financial services.

Identity Experts getting up to speed in SailPoint

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Identity Experts will be supporting our customers in this new collaboration as MD, Matt Brunton explained. “This collaboration will provide integrated identity governance capabilities by extending the risk-based identity protection of Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility + Security to more platforms.

“We are committed to this new initiative and have already started investing heavily in getting our technical and sales staff up-to-speed with SailPoint. Their open identity platform gives organisations the power to enter new markets, scale their workforces, embrace new technologies, innovate faster and compete on a global basis – securely and confidently.

If you would like to find out more about SailPoint, please contact us.

Update: As of 26 June 2017, Identity Experts is now a SailPoint Bronze partner.

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