At IDM June, We’re Asking to Attendees to Save the Day and Solve the BREACH!

Posted on 6 June 2019

Last year, we brought the beach to IDM June to demonstrate secure remote working – this year, we’re asking attendees to narrow down a list of fictional suspects in our exclusive cybersecurity game, BREACH!

It seems like just yesterday that the Identity Experts team were setting up a beach – complete with deck chairs, sunglasses, and cocktails (of course) – at last year’s IDM November.

The aim of the game was to demonstrate the importance of securing your workplace, no matter where it might be located, all whilst bringing a bit of warmth to a cold autumn. This year, we’re changing tact.

Building Upon Identity

 Nowadays, it seems like every single day another cybersecurity news story breaks. Whether institutions are being lax when it comes to updating their machines, to smaller organisations forgetting to secure user data properly, data breaches are now common conversation starters.

What many don’t realise, however, is that securing organisations against attacks and breaches is about far more than having the right antivirus or hashing passwords correctly; beneath the surface of every effective security policy is identity and access management (IAM).

When implemented correctly, identity solutions help to underpin security by closing the gaps left by human error, ensuring the right people have the right access at all times, login credentials are secure and rely on multiple factors, and much more.

Play the Game, Save the Day

To demonstrate this point in a fun and engaging way, Identity Experts have developed an exclusive cybersecurity game for IDM June. Joining us in our mobile security room, visitors will get the chance to play BREACH! and save the day.

A fictional organisation has suffered from a security breach – and there are a number of suspects to blame! During their BREACH! mission, players will learn about each of the potential offenders, their mistakes, and the identity solutions which could have prevented their culpability.

Can you discover the true culprit and help to secure the organisation? Visit us at Stand 28 and find out! 

On top of BREACH!, we’re also offering IDM attendees a fifteen minute, one-to-one meeting with our experts. To find out more or register your interest, head to our site. We’ll see you at IDM!

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