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Information Bundles

Automate and Transform Processes (317.97 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, covering the possibilities of automation and transformation.


Provide Support (171.88 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our support-based services.


Consolidate and Manage Accounts (350.06 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our identity and productivity-boosting services.


Secure Your Organisation (318.84 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our security services.

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LinkedIn Slides

What is Social Engineering? (181.69 KB)

Get to grips with the security threat that's putting employees at the centre of many a data breach.


What is MFA? (646.67 KB)

Get a better look at Multi-Factor Authentication, what constitutes a 'factor', and why MFA is so beneficial to organisations.

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White Paper

Begins with a Single Step: Preparing Legal Firms for Their Digital Transformation Journey (25.83 MB)

In this white paper, we're taking a look at the role of identity in the digital transformation journey, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by legal firms.

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Why Microsoft Azure Sentinel is Right for Your OrganisationThis is a video with a title ()

Join Stacey Dixon and Matt Fernandes as they discuss all things Microsoft Azure Sentinel - including why this solution is exactly what your organisation is after.

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