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Our Platinum package is the crème-de-la-crème of security assessments.

We will evaluate your existing Microsoft tenant and Windows 10 environment, provide valuable insights into your cloud app usage, down to user-level information about risky app activity and traffic volume, and simulate a spear phishing attack to highlight vulnerabilities within your user base.

The platinum package also includes an identity and access management assessment, MDM review and a full penetration test, tailored to your organisation’s requirements!

What’s included?

  • Secure Score Assessment
  • Rapid Cyber Attack Assessment
  • Windows 10 Security Assessment
  • Shadow IT Assessment
  • Office 365 ATP Assessment including Spear Phishing Simulation
  • Identity & Access Management Assessment
  • Intune Device Management Review
  • Licencing Assignment Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Tailored actionable roadmap
  • Feedback workshop

Who’s it for?

Our platinum package is aimed at SMC and Enterprise clients who want a 360 view of their security posture. If you’ve already taken your first steps on your security journey and want to move towards the next level of maturity, then platinum will get you there!

The Small Print

For us to assess your Windows 10 environment, you need to have a Windows 10 Enterprise E5 licence or an M365 E5 licence. You can also purchase Windows Defender ATP as a standalone licence. Trials are also available which we can use for this assessment.

If you do not already have Windows Defender ATP set up, then we will need to run through the set- up wizard and onboard a selection of your machines to give us the data required to perform the security assessment.

To assess your Shadow IT usage, you will need to have an EM+S E5 or M365 E5 licence. Alternatively, you can purchase Cloud App Security as a standalone licence. Trial licences can also be used as part of this assessment.

To generate an app discovery report, web traffic log files from a firewall or proxy device must be uploaded to Cloud App Security as part of creating a snapshot report. Cloud App Security then parses and analyzes those files and will generate the app discovery report which we will use as part of the workshop.

We will need to know the brand and model of your proxy or firewall so we can verify your device is supported by MCAS or if we need to spend some additional time using the custom log format option.  You will need to send us a sample log so we can ensure that the import will be successful.

To enable us to complete a spear phishing simulation, you need to be licenced for O365 Advanced Threat Protection Plan 2. Licences come included in the M365 E5 and O365 E5, alternatively you can purchase standalone licences. Trial licencing can also be used as part of this assessment.

All pre-requisites need to be completed at least one week prior to us coming on site.

Show me the money!

Price on application.

Includes a personalised report with a prioritised and actionable roadmap to improve your security posture within your Microsoft cloud environment, Windows 10, shadow IT usage, vulnerability to spear phishing attacks, IAM policies, MDM and penetration testing report.

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