How Well Do You Know Microsoft Identity Management? Huddersfield

4 Feb 2019
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Posted on 9 November 2018

Microsoft Identity Manager – or MIM, as it’s most commonly known – has become a steadfast player in the world of identity and access management. Thanks to its various capabilities, MIM has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses eager to secure their data and identity processes.

With MIM becoming so widespread amongst Identity Experts’ customers, it makes sense to cultivate a firm grasp on the solution following implementation, empowering organisations to go further with their new solution without being tied to somebody else’s knowledge and expertise.That’s why we’ve created the MIM training course for our customers, allowing them to get to grips with the new solution and make the most of the features now at their fingertips.
About the Training
The training is spread across seven modules, each formulated to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow introduction to different aspects of MIM and its uses.The modules are as follows:

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