Introducing our ESR and IAM integration tool

Successfully integrate your NHS Trust Identity and Access Management Solution with our automated ESR Integration tool, doing away with manual processes and their associated risk, audit and security concerns.

Identity Experts have developed an automated and standardised integrator, allowing for interaction between the NHS Electronic Staff Records (ESR) system and both Identity and Access management (IAM) systems and user-processing applications.

The NHS Electronic Staff Records (ESR) system was built to drive efficiency and productivity improvements across the NHS, but direct data communication with ESR has so far not been possible. This means that NHS Trusts wishing to use ESR data to manage their staff identities could still be manually exporting and importing text files.

Such a process means that information is often out-of-date, leaving new staff and movers unable to access vital resources in a timely manner. More importantly, user permissions are often not removed when that person vacates the organisation, leaving behind crucial security vulnerabilities.

Identity Experts’ ESR Connect could change all of that for you and your Trust.

“The time consuming and manual process we had previously has been made completely redundant. Now, with the automated and standardised ESR to MIM to AD integration, a change in ESR automatically updates all our other systems.” 

Nigel Hall, Head of ICT, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

How it Works

Our unique solution takes an automatic feed from ESR and enables the captured information to be used as the foundation for your user provisioning and de-provisioning solution.

As well as improving corporate service functions, like recruitment and HR, ESR Connect can bring additional benefits when the information it holds can be utilised by other systems.  

For example, it can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your IAM solution by utilising the ‘Gold standard’ personnel information stored in ESR to provision and provide updates.

This is ideal for joiner/mover/leaver (JML) processes, ensuring that new starters are provisioned immediately, giving them access to the resources they need to do their job from day one. It will also update movers and remove leavers straight away, guaranteeing that they can access – or are blocked from – critical systems, as appropriate. 

Overall, Identity Experts’ ESR Connect is a comprehensive solution for utilising your data in ESR to seamlessly provision your user management and access control systems. It will successfully:

  • Automatically retrieve changes via a secure FTP process
  • Process the data
  • Synchronise this information into a database
  • Import the data into your identity application to allow full Joiner/Mover/Leaver (JML) process automation
  • Use bi-directionality to ensure information captured in subsidiary systems is updated to ESR


About Identity Experts

Identity Experts have years of experience assisting NHS Trusts with their identity management solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we focus solely on Microsoft technologies around identity management, access, and security solutions. We do not sell licences, only our expertise and experience. That is why our customers are loyal and come to rely on us as a source of technical and business advice and support.

At Identity Experts we work with our customers to deliver tangible improvements in business performance and risk management, as well as cost savings from your identity and security management investment.

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