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365Mapper is Changing

This autumn, we’ll be kick-starting a new era of development and innovation for 365Mapper, and your involvement is key.

Currently, 365Mapper is a paid product available from the Identity Experts store. As 2019 progresses, we’ll be changing this, gifting the product and its source code to the developer community at large by releasing it under GPL v3 licensing.

From 5th October 2019, the 365Mapper open source code will be released onto GitHub (via our Identity Experts presence) and be made freely available for the community’s imaginative and innovative ideas.

To prepare, we’re pleased to announce a new version of 365Mapper, designed to bridge the transition to this new model. v2.0.0.0 includes all the latest enhancements and fixes, whilst also expanding the product’s management capabilities, and decoupling any legacy dependencies to better support the open source release.

We understand that this is a big change, so we’ll be providing a winding down window of 30 daysfor upgrading any legacy versions to v2.0.0.0. Don’t worry, though: your 365Mapper service will continue to support legacy versions until 5th October 2019. After this time, you’ll need to run the latest version to avoid service disruptions, and to support future upgrade paths.

If you require any help migrating over to the new version our support team will be happy to provide advice and assistance, however moving forward, support for the new version will be provided by the community via GitHub.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for using 365Mapper, and look forward to seeing where this exciting new development takes the product!

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The Benefits

  • Unlock available cloud storage to users by giving them
    their well known and most familiar Windows Explorer experience by
    mapping a local drive letter to online storage.
  • Enable your organisation’s IT team to easily manage various
    cloud storage providers. e.g. If you want to map G drive to
    your Google Drive and O Drive to your One Drive for Business,
    you can. Your users don’t even need to know which storage
    they are using!
  • Platforms like Office 365 which are already being used by the
    majority of organisations can harness the power of the cloud
    easily without the costs of retraining staff.
  • Access files anywhere, anytime. Just by installing the
    lightweight client to any machine and logging in with your
    credentials, you can easily access your documents on the
    fly without needing complex procedures e.g. Launching the
    browser, navigating to your file, download, access and then
    delete once you’ve finished.
  • Secure your storage against viruses using your on-machine
    anti-virus product.

365Mapper: easily access online drives and storage

How Identity Experts can help

365Mapper provides a greatly simplified method of accessing online drives and storage, enabling you to more easily use the resources Microsoft provides.

365Mapper maps your online storage, both for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, to a drive letter on your local PC or laptop. This can then be easily and quickly found and accessed via your usual interface and navigation.

By offering a seamless integration of online and on-premises storage resources, 365Mapper ensures that your users will be more likely to make full use of the OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online storage they have been allocated.

Easy to setup, administer and use, 365Mapper is the ideal solution for all Office 365 and SharePoint Online users.

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