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If your organisation uses Office 365, you will know that each user is given 1TB of storage on OneDrive for Business. While this seems attractive, actually utilising this resource can present problems for users.

OneDrive for Business has issues with synchronisation which can be really frustrating. It is also complicated to access with the way the navigation is set-up usually meaning users have to remember a long URL. These issues are not only impractical but can make your systems insecure.

You will be faced with similar problems if you are using SharePoint Online as your collaboration tool.

Whilst making use of your own existing on-premises storage can obviously overcome these problems, this is expensive and is not making the best use of Office 365.

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Enable your organisation’s IT team to easily manage various cloud storage providers.

Platforms like Office 365 which are already being used by the majority of organisations can harness the power of the cloud easily without retraining costs.

Access files anywhere, anytime. Just by installing the lightweight client to any machine and logging in with your credentials, you can easily access your documents on the fly without needing complex procedures e.g. Launching the browser, navigate to your file, download, access and then delete once you’ve finished.

Secure your storage against viruses using your on-machine Anti-virus product.

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